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Why to study abroad in Kyoto, Japan?

Kyoto is known as the former capital of Japan.

The city remained a hub for the Japanese culture and history.

Each university in  Kyoto hosts almost 15,000 students from all around the world.

The place is attracted to the students for so many reasons let us discuss few of them.


  • Clean and safe environment:

The environment of Kyoto is very clean. Big trees and greenery in the surroundings make the city mesmerizing. There are many rivers that flow in Kyoto. Also, the city is known as the safest place in Japan. Hence providing preferred by most of the students.


  • Standard of living:

The quality of living in Kyoto is very high. The economic state of the city is very stable as there are many industries. These factors greatly influence the standard of living, making it good for the students.


  • Various academic specialities:

There are almost more than 55 universities in Kyoto. Each university has different faculties. There are many unique courses offered by the universities. Almost 67-102 various academic specialties  are offered for undergraduate, masters and postgraduate disciplines. So that, there are many options for the students in the subject selection.


  • Research institutes:

There are many research institutes in Kyoto. These institutes provide high quality laboratories  that are fully equipped. Many institutes are known for their high-tech innovative research. This opens up a lot of opportunities for the students.


  • Affordability:

Affordability is the most influencing factor while planning to study abroad. Kyoto is very affordable place. Extra discounts are also given to the students making it more student friendly place. The tuition fee in the best universities even cost 800-1000$ annually.


  • High tech industries:

Kyoto is home to many high-tech industries. There are 1000 reported innovative multi national industries in Kyoto. There are many famous gaming industries like Nintendo and Kyocera that are based in Kyoto. These leading industries provide many golden opportunities of employment to the students.


  • No religious discrimination:

Many Muslims, Hindus and Christians are reported in Kyoto. This is because there is no religious discrimination. Every religion is given full freedom to practice their worships easily.


Hence Kyoto can be considered for studying abroad in Japan!