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Top 5 reasons to study abroad in Shanghai, China

Shanghai is famous place of China.

It has many attractions such as universities, historical places and museums etc to attract people from all over the world towards it.

Let’s discuss the top reasons to study in Shanghai

  • Easy travelling:

It is beneficial for students to travel on public transport. Most common transport used is metro bus, which is not just easy to access but also cheap, hence affordable. This is very beneficial for students as students cannot afford high price vehicles. Otherwise cabs, metros, taxis, cars and bikes are also available for locals.


  • Joining the fastest growing technological world:

China is the fastest growing country both in terms of population and technology. While studying in Shanghai, you will come know about the faster growing technologies in world. It is easily accessible because whenever a development takes place, the teaching staff and media provide its coverage. This is how information is transferred very quickly. So, students living here are well aware of what is happening going on in the world of technology.


  • Must-visit places:

Shanghai is charming place. It is full of interesting places like museums, cultural sites, shopping malls, 9 history and Disney parks. These places are worthwhile when you feel boredom in your daily life. Students after their study visit these places to have relaxation.


  • Amazing food:

The food in Shanghai is very delicious and yummy. It is full of variety because it doesn’t only include the Chinese food but the local food as well. Shanghai is place of large number of chefs from different places like America, India, Italy, Thailand and Bulgaria. These varieties of foods solve the troubles of students from different countries. So, they easily have access to their favourite food.


  • Contrast of Modern and traditional world:

Shanghai is one of the most modern yet very cultural cities. The students studying there enjoy both things at one time. It is a fantastic place for those who  are highly interested in contrast between modernism and culturism.


Do you have more reasons to make your decision toward Shanghai! Do share them! Stay tuned for more information.