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Study abroad in Kyoto at Doshisha University

Doshisha University is a private research-based university in Kyoto.

It is among the oldest universities in Japan.

The university is included in the list of global 30 universities of Japan.

  • Main Campuses:

Currently, the university has 2 main campuses in the central and southern Kyoto.

The main campus is named as Imadegawa, located in the central Kyoto. It has 14 buildings. The campus facilitates 12 academic faculties with 8 large play grounds and 2 libraries. The libraries have  a huge workspace for the students to study. The libraries are known to have almost 2.5 million books.


  • Academic faculties:

Doshisha University offers 15 major academic faculties for undergraduate, masters and postgraduate disciplines. The faculties further offer almost 88 different subject specialties.

  • Engineering technology
  • Medical science
  • Theology
  • Business management
  • Economics
  • Law
  • Commerce
  • Social sciences
  • Natural Sciences
  • Sport sciences
  • Culture and literature

It is the first university in Kyoto offering unique subjects like culture sciences and sport sciences.


  • Rankings:

The university is known amongst the most prestigious and ranked as 18th best university in Japan by Toyo Keizai National. Also, it is featured on 18th by Truly Strong Universities in Japan. According to the Brand rankings of Japanese universities (NBP Kansai), the university is on 3. The academic ranking of the university lies between 11-23 nationally.


  • Student enrollment:

There are almost 30,000 students enrolled in the university. Each year, 10,500 international students belonging to 50 different countries join the university. Each year, 50,000 applicants from all around the world apply for the admission. The acceptance rate is only 34%.


  • Faculty staff:

The teaching staff is composed of around 700 teachers. Most of the  teachers are postgraduates and known for their cooperative and intelligent behavior. The excellence of the teachers is seen in the academics and research.


  • Research centers:

There are 7 research centers and laboratories in the 2 campuses. The research centers provide high tech innovative research. Many research papers and inventions are done in these centers. These centers also provide many opportunities to the students as well.


Hence, Doshisha University can be considered as the best choice for studying abroad in Kyoto!