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Study abroad at the University of Liverpool

The University of Liverpool is common and public type institute of Liverpool.

It is famous for its outlook, impact, and activities which they carry out while you are studying in Liverpool.

They didn’t give only a degree but they ensure the character and moral building of students.

Let’s highlight few important characteristics of this university.


  • Historical background:

It was initially founded as college in the year 1881. Later, it affiliated to federal Victoria university in the year 1884. In 1903 it became an independent university attaining the royal character. It is also one of the red brick civic universities. It is the third oldest university located in Liverpool in England. At the initial stages of its establishment, the students were awarded an external degree by University of London.


  • Faculties:

The university is divided into three faculties.

  1. Health and life sciences
  2. Humanities and social sciences
  3. Science and engineering

Each faculty has its own departments and controlling authorities which are later on combined in joint management staff authority. Each faculty is controlled by Executive Pro-Vice-Chancellor.


  • Campuses:

The university has a single urban campus. It is located not so far from Liverpool city center. People can even go to enjoy a pleasant walk. The area occupied by the campus is 100 acres. It is blessed with research centers, 69 lecture theatre halls, 192 non-residential buildings, and 114 teaching areas. It also contains numerous rooms and cafeterias for students. In the center of the campus, there is a building of Victoria.


  • Ranking:

According to Times, the University of Liverpool stands on 23rd rank while in global QS ranking,  it is about 151 numbers.


  • Mission:

The mission of the University of Liverpool is the advancement of learning and ennoblement of life. This shows how determined they are at bringing the advancement and new researches for the purpose of revolution.


  • Students:

The total number of students studying at Liverpool University is 27,070 which includes 20940 undergraduate students and 6,135 postgraduate students.


  • Nobilities and Budget:

The university has 10 Nobel Prize winners. It is still working to win some more prizes. The total budget for this university is 543.6 million per year which is given by the government.


I hope you enjoyed reading this article. Stay tuned for more interesting information.