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Study abroad at The Liverpool John Moores University: Great place to study for foreigners!

The Liverpool John Moores University is amongst the public research-based universities.

The university was named after a great philanthropist and business man, Sir John Moores who contributed a lot in the establishment of university in 1842.


  • Students registration:

The university has currently 23,500 students enrolled in undergraduate, masters and postgraduate.

Each year, 11,200 international students visit the university to complete their degree. The university is thereby also largest population wise.


  • Campuses:

Currently, the university has 3 major campuses. The City campus, Mount Pleasant Campus and IM Marsh campus. Each campus facilitates different faculties.


  • Library:

The libraries of the City and Mount Pleasant campuses are the biggest in Liverpool. The libraries have around 2 million books, articles and research papers. The libraries can accommodate almost 17,000 students in a day. Besides this, the online portal has 16,000 books and 5000 journals.


  • Sport grounds:

The campus has almost 16 sports grounds including hockey, football, cricket, basketball, netball, volleyball grounds. There are 3 swimming pools as well. There are climbing and hiking tracks too.


  • Research centers:

The institute has 6 research centers. Each year the students publish almost 15,000 research articles, due to which the impact factor of the university is 45%.


  • Prime faculties:

The university provides 6 major faculties which further have 67 subject specialties for undergraduate, master’s and postgraduate disciplines. Besides offering these degrees, some professional courses and diplomas are also offered at the university. The majors offered are,

  • Business management
  • Law
  • Arts and social studies
  • Health and medicine
  • Natural and social sciences
  • Engineering and technology

The university offers a course, named sports and exercise sciences which is the most famous and interesting degree offered. There is a separate building for this faculty. The building is facilitated with laboratories, running tracks, simulators and scanners.


  • Rankings:

The university is ranked as the 72 best university out of 100 by Times Higher Education (TIMES). Whereas according to British best ranking universities list Guardian, it is placed on 49. The academic ranking of the university lies between 701-800.


Study abroad in Liverpool in this remarkable university!