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Study abroad at Kyoto Sangyo University

Kyoto Sangyo is a private tech-based university.

The university was established in 1965.

The high business community of Kyoto played an important role in the establishment of the university.

Why study in Kyoto Sangyo University?


  • International and national accreditation:

The university has received national and international accreditation. The ministry of Education and Technology in Japan has given accreditation to the university besides many universities in United States, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand and Canada.


  • Prime faculties:

There are 10 major faculties offered by the university. 67 subject specialties are provided for undergraduate, masters and postgraduate programs. The few programs offered are,

  • Business administration
  • Law
  • Natural and social sciences
  • Computer and information technology
  • Engineering
  • Cultural and foreign studies
  • Health sciences


  • Research institutes:

There are several research institutes in the university. the research institutes are fully equipped and known for their high technology research. All the latest technologies are applied in the institutes. A few inventions are also known from these institutes.

  • Institute of Japanese Culture
  • Institute for World Affairs
  • Institute of Advanced Technology
  • Avian Influenza Research Centre
  • Institute of Comprehensive Academic Research


  • Rankings:

The ranking of the university amongst the best universities in Japan lies on 66th whereas known as the 3rd best university in Kyoto. The university is also listed in the Asian best universities and is ranked on 352.


  • Exchange programs:

The university offers several exchange programs for the international students. Almost 57 programs are offered for the international students. These programs are offered twice in a year.


  • Scholarships for international students:

There are 2 types of scholarships offered for foreigners. Merit and research scholarship. Merit scholarship is given on the basis of marks. At least 85% marks must be scored for availing the scholarship. For availing the research scholarship, a research proposal must be submitted for availing the scholarship.


  • Career opportunities:

The university is linked with several national and international firms. Since it gets easy for the students to apply and get in. The university also refer its best students for these opportunities. Also, the students are given a chance to teach inside the campus as well.