Videos Article Videos More Leading Universities In Shanghai- China For Study Abroad

More Leading Universities In Shanghai- China For Study Abroad

In this article, we are discussing more top-rank universities in Shanghai for international students.

•The University of Shanghai for Science and Technology:

The university was initiated in 1906, it is a well renowned public university for all local and international students.

It includes total 24,600 students with the 1,600 faculty members.

It has become a distinguished university in regard to its advanced education programs like; economics, law, engineering, management, science and literature. It is ranked as the 10th most culminating and superlative university of the Shanghai. It also offers research programs and also facilitate students with financial aids to help them. The university also allow students to do employment so that they can earn their livelihood.

•Shanghai Normal University:

It is a public institution and was established in 1978. It has 20,000 graduates and 8000 postgraduates in the university with the total staff of 2917 members. It is famous for the liberal arts. It offers many disciplines and majors like; economics, philosophy, engineering, law, management sciences, art, history, agriculture and education. The university also offers pedagogy, philosophy, Chinese language, tourism management, mathematics and astrophysics etc.

•Shanghai Maritime University:

It was founded in 1909 and includes 20,000 total students. It is a famous maritime university that offers programs in the following disciplines like; law, engineering, economics, science, management, social sciences, literature and mathematics. The university also provides scholarship programs like; Class A Full Scholarship program, Class B semi-Scholarship and Class C Limited Scholarship.

•Donghua University:

It was established in 1951, the name of its president is Yu Jianyong. The university holds maximum 28,497 students with 1297 academic staff. The university holds 1002 doctoral students. It is specifically known for some of the most distinguished programs such as; materials, programs, art and design, engineering and management studies.

•Shanghai University of International Business and Economics:

The Shanghai University of International Business and Economics was formed in 1960, it holds total 10,000 students with 1000 faculty staff. It is the well known public institution that offers major in economics, foreign trade and management courses. The university also offers different graduates and undergraduate programs like; law, mathematics, sciences and engineering.