Beauty Tips Homemade Soap For Fair Skin Complexion

Homemade Soap For Fair Skin Complexion

Every girl wants a smooth, clear, and white complexion. There are many soaps available in the market that promises fair skin complexion, but instead of making your skin fair, these soaps don’t provide any good results, and the harsh chemicals contained in them further harm your skin.

Here we are sharing a very simple method to make your own beauty soap at home, which contains 100% natural ingredients and works great for all skin types.


  • Take handful of crushed almonds, 2 tbs glycerine liquid, a cube of vitamin soap, 1 cup of hot water, and one pinch of soda.
  • Cook all these things and mix well.
  • Store in fridge for three days or 72 hours.
  • Use this soap regularly.

Homemade Soap For Fair Skin In Urdu