Misc Braided Hairstyles That People Are Loving on Pinterest

Braided Hairstyles That People Are Loving on Pinterest

From elegant to sporty to sexy, here’s the how-to for these trendy looks.

Whether you’re craving a new style, battling a bad hair day, or just want your locks out of your face for a change, braids are the answer to your hair woes. Give yourself a gorgeous new look by trying one of these seven braided styles from hair pros all over the world. They work year-round and are getting lots of love on Pinterest. From half-up to buns, prepare to obsess over these unique trends.

These braided pigtails from Florida stylist Kaitlyn Brown (@hairbykaitlynbrown) are the adorable yet mature version of your go-to childhood look.

Braids—with a twist! This elegant bun style by Australian hair pro Emma Chen(@emmachenartistry) is perfect for everything from a beach day to summer wedding.

Don’t go chasing waterfalls. Instead, you should put one in your hair, as shown in this tutorial from Luxy Hair.

Dual French braids are a classic look, and The Beauty Department shows us how to style them three different ways.

Sun’s out, (braided) buns out! This style from Nina Starck (@n.starck) gives us Princess Leia meets Little Mermaid.

There’s nothing fishy about this half-up fishtail by hair expert Guy Tang (@guy_tang).

This knotted ponytail by UK stylist Michael Gray (@michaelgrayhair) mixes formal and fun.

Think you’ve found your new favorite braid? Your hair will look better than ever thanks to these popular options.